PC restart problem

my pc restarts everytime i run any game. for isnatnce when i run battlefield 3 , it connects with the server and map is loading but as the gameplay starts the pc restarts without any blue screen. tried with assassin's creed. assassin's creed is loading , movie is running , story video is running but as the gameplay starts pc RESTARTS. yes i have googled alot but no luck.

my system
intel 3770k
gigbayte z77 d3h
kingston 8gb 1660 memory
segate sata 2TB
sapphire radeon 7970 dual x
huntkey 600W
win 7 64bit

things that i have tried
1) fresh install of windows TWICE but no lucj
2) tried catalyst latest version (12.11) , also tried 12.4 and 12.3 but no luck.
3) removed all catalyst drivers and installedjust display drivers but still same problem.

Please please help me i really am depressed. thankyou
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