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Going to be building a new gaming rig for my cousin, although I've recommended a 7950 but he still wan't more info about which one to get, 7950,7970,670 (he wanted the gtx 680 at first but didn't fit his budget) and of course he can afford either of the listed below

Note: Gaming on 1920x1080, plan on having 50-60fps on the max settings also with 4xmsaa.

Possible to overclock in the future but depends he plan to keep it switched on almost 24/7

1 US dollar = 41.0900 Philippine pesos

these are without tax :fou: but they don't really ask for it either way

GPU List

Sapphire HD 7970 OC Ed 3gb/384bit ddr5 = PHP 19580.00 = 476.51$

XFX HD 7970 Double Dissipation 3gb/256bit ddr5 = PHP 22730.00 = 553.18$

Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP 3gb/384bit (OC Ed) = PHP 18430.00 = 448.53$

Power Color HD 7970 3gb/384bit ddr5 PCS+ Vortex 2 (OC Ed) = PHP 17900.00 = 435.63$

MSI GTX 670 Power Edition 2gb/256bit ddr5 = PHP 20470.00 = 498.30$

ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP = PHP 19900.00 = 484.30$

GTX 680 He can't afford (or wait until he can afford them)

Asus GTX 680 TOP DirectCU II 2gb/256bit = PHP 26950.00 = 655.88$

MSI GTX 680 Lightning = PHP 27400.00 = 666.83$

HD 7950 that he doesn't want but is it better?

Power Color HD 7950 3gb/384bit ddr5 PCS+ (OC Ed) = PHP 13340.00 = 324.65$

Sapphire HD 7950 3gb/384bit (OC Ed) = PHP 14900.00 = 362.62$

was looking at the asus 7970 dcuii but just putting it on google with fail or suck and you get loads of stuff about it so not sure about that.

among them which one would be a better buy? he plan to play different kinds of games with it a 660ti is not a choice as he doesn't like the numbers that's written there (the 192) he wan'ts either 256 or higher (and he's paying for them so I don't mind)

so far I only had an experience with the asus gtx 680 and the vanilla 7970 and the previous generation cards and not much on this generation besides the 7850 and 7870 from sapphire those with dual fans. actually the 7950's are good based on price at least in our country. I also heard on some forum when I'm browsing around is that the xfx doesn't have good cooling or something, and how about power color? so far I've only experience 1 card from them and looks ok but quite lacking in the extra stuff area.

so among these price tags and base on performance with our current driver which one would give him the best performance for the money?
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7990-devil13-7970-x2,3329.html

    excect subtract $100 for AMD in the last month, and add 5-10% for AMD with the december 12.11 drivers
  2. I recommend the 7950. Very good price/ performance ratio imo. have only had good experiences.
  3. well the 7990 690 and the his x2 will be priced most likely at 55,000 = 1338.53$ currently similarly priced on the 690, as the devil 7990 is still not yet in our country sadly.

    @ rene
    are you talking about the powercolor 7950 or the sapphrie 7950 oced?
  4. if your talking sli/crossfire
    is a must read, along with the 3rd party RadeonPro utility
  5. that was a good read abbadon_34

    hmm so I guess even if my cousin go dual setup there should be not much problem at all.

    how about from the list above guys, based on the pricing above which one would be the best performance/quality wise? is it better going with the 7950 or just keep with the 7970/670 and if it's worth it, which one based on price as it's much more than the us pricing based on what I see on some newegg stuff
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