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Hi all. after my 3rd PS3 has died on me, I'm looking at getting back into PC gaming. I've got a HTPC that I built about a year ago and I was hoping someone much more knowledgable on current equipment could help me sort out what I can repurpose and what I will have to (or at least should) upgrade. I've convinced my wife that a new PS3 will cost about $300 so that would be my hardware budget (although $200 would leave me some room for . I'm not looking for cutting edge...just something that will play Assassins Creed 3 or Black Ops 2 at medium or so settings and have some longevity with minor hardware upgrades in the future.

What I have:
AMD A6 3670K 2.7GHz w/ stock cooling
Biostar A75MH Mobo
Orion Xpower 585w psu
2X2GB RAM (crucial?)
Onboard graphics only (like I said...HTPC)
Win 7 pro 32bit (willing to upgrade to 64 if more RAM will be necessary)
2TB Seagate HD
Case, monitor, and drives are all looked after but I will gladly accept some suggestions regarding a decent keyboard and mouse

A new video card is obvious, I'm lost as to which one I need. Do I need more RAM?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. First up, get a HD 7770 GPU, will run the games at med if not high. More ram will be helpful, but that means new windows.. Up to you if you want to get 8gb ram and 64bit. If you can get either the 7770 or the 8gb ram and 64 bit, go for the 7770 first.
  2. Thanks for the input, Camohanna. Maybe I'm wrong but it was my understanding that the best radeon I could put in my motherboard was a 6000 series (pci-express 2.0 only). I was thinking of putting a 6870 in bout I'm open to suggestions.

    Do you think more ram would make a big difference? I can get a 64 version of Win 7 for free and ram is pretty cheap so I'm okay upgrading
  3. PCI-E is backwards compatible. You're quite alright getting a 7xxx series Radeon or 6xx series Geforce.

    Camo's advice is sound.

    Keep in mind that the memory addressing limitations of a 32-bit OS apply to all hardware, not just system RAM. For example, if you buy a fancy new video card with 2GB RAM, it will take away from the amount of your 4GB of system RAM that can be addressed.
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