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I'm new here and I'm not sure if this is the right forum category but here goes:

Yesterday morning I planned to open up my Compaq Presario cq5110y because I wanted to see what kind of onboard stuff I had, so I unplugged everything from the back of the computer and let it sit for a few minutes then I brought it out and opened the case to take a look.
I didn't even touch anything I just looked around to see what kind of PSU I had, so after I found that I had a 300W (which I found out that I could have just looked it up on the HP website *facepalm*) I closed the case back up and plugged it back in and when I pressed the power button the computer turned on with the lights and stuff but it didn't show up on my monitor.
I tried all the simple stuff like changing monitors and the like, and nothing worked it's still the same.
So after looking up my problem on various websites and seeing all the possible problems I tried the fixes like reseating all my stuff and none of that worked either, so before I get a POST card and see what that brings up, I want to ask you guys.

TL;DR: My computer will turn on but the monitor stays black and then goes to sleep mode. When I open the case and turn it on the PSU turns on and stays on but the CPU fans start for about 3 seconds and then just stops. The only things that seem to be working are the PSU and the disc drive because they make the typical whirr sound...

Specs (if you need them):
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  1. Did you take the motherboard out? The cpu fan turning on and shutting off is generally related to a short somewhere. I don't know if you accidentally got a wire or screw stuck behind the motherboard or what, but I'd imagine something is shorting it.
  2. No I didn't take it out, should I? A short would also make sense. I had thought maybe it was the PSU not giving enough power..
  3. are you certain that you have the cpu fan's power connector connected properly?
  4. You could take the motherboard out and give it a good dusting and reseat everything back in. Seems like a lot for just opening up your computer to look at the psu, but something in the move happened to bump or move.
  5. Yeah it's connected properly, it's not just the CPU fan either the fan that is on the side of the case starts briefly then stops when I turn on the computer as well.

    I am almost positive that I grounded myself but do you think maybe I shorted something when I reseated stuff?
  6. Nah, I wouldn't worry about you shorting it. It's still turning on and the items work for a second then auto shut off when it realizes there is a short. You find the short you'll find the computer still works fine.
  7. I just looked to see if there was any loose screws or anything on or under the motherboard and there aren't any. I also reseated everything AGAIN.. Still no change.

    I don't know how to determine if there is a short or not...
  8. That is odd. What beeps are you getting?
  9. I don't get any as far as I know. I don't really know what they sound like but my PSU (I think its the PSU) makes one sound but it sounds like a normal startup noise.
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