How to set up Eyefinity with HD6950

I just bought 3 x HannsG monitors, they are all identical and had DVI and VGA sockets, now i'm not too bad with PC's but really do need an idiots guide for what i need to get all of this set up and working as i've never tried anything like this before!
Cheers :)
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  1. You will need one active (mini)DP to DVI adapter for one screen, the other two can be plugged straight into DVI & HDMI (with a passive adapter). Perhaps you could post the exact model of the 6950 you have so we can know the video out ports you have.

    After all the displays are plugged in and you turn on your PC, you will most likely see one picture cloned on 2 of the screens (with one tunred off). When in Windows you will need to open CCC and configure a Eyefinity array and just follow the instructions there. Should be pretty straight forward from there on.
  2. Hi,
    It's a HD RADEON 6950 - Toxic
  3. I have an adaptor cable for the display port connector to make it Mini too...
  4. I'm guessing this is the card (or at least it has the same outputs?):

    Yes that would do the job, connect 2 monitors directly to the 2 DVI ports and the last one to a mDP port using an active adapter. I'm pretty sure it should work if you use the mDP->DP adapter and then the active DP->DVI adapter for the third monitor. I simply use an active mDP->DVI adapter but no reason why you're config shouldn't work. Be careful with those cheap adapters though, they tend to break very easily.

    This is the on I use:
  5. cheers bud, not got that much money - missus going nuts already over 3 x monitors! lol :)
  6. morecider said:
    cheers bud, not got that much money - missus going nuts already over 3 x monitors! lol :)

    Haha I understand. Give it a shot with your one anyways, won't break the bank even if it does break after a couple of months. Ask any questions anyways if you still have some when you get set up.
  7. Hi,
    ok.... have all 3 monitors set up, 2 x DVI and 1 x Mini... All working... BUT...
    I can't get all 3 working together as 1 is always "disabled" :pt1cable: - any ideas?
  8. anyone?
  9. Are you able to use all 3 monitors in extended mode?
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