No Display/BIOS post/all black on desktop

I have i7 950, P6X58D-E Asus mobo, Cooler master Hyper HSF, 850W TX Corsair PSU, ATI Radeon Sapphire HD 6970 2GB Graphics Card, 6 GB Corsair tripple channel Ram sticks 2x3 CMX6GX3M3A1600C9, 1x 120GB Corsair Force SSD, and 1x 1TB WD Green HDD, and 1x 2TB WD Green HDD, Cooler Master HAF full tower.

I recently had to shift cities and during transit something happened. Now I think i should have disassembled my box and then should have travelled but well . .

So I unpacked my box, connected the wires, and pressed the Power Switch. Fans started to move, heard the beep but nothing came on the display not even Bios post or anything for that matter.

Checked if all the wires were correctly in place or if all the connections were tight.

Tried deseating rams, putting one ram at a time but to no avail. Tried changing the ram slots, still no go. There is a MEM - OK switch in mobo that resets BIOS to default settings and removes all OC settings. tried that too, RAM led turns on for like 2-3 secs then turns off and then the beep comes from speaker which suggests that RAM's are working fine as well..

I disassembled evrything and reassembled (after thorough cleaning and putting fresh layer of thermal paste) - still no go.

Tried to take out the CMOS battery, no good.
Tried to start without HDD's and SSD, no good.
Tried using one HDD at a time, again no good.

tried using alternate power chords from PSU to see if any of the power supply chords gone faulty but again to no avail. if I leave computer to stay on for a while, I can sense that graphics card heats up a little so does mobo and CPU which is normal and which also suggests that these parts (hopefully) are working fine. I may be wrong though..

well thats it, I do not know anything else that I can try now, please show me the light!
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  1. if the system has onboard video pull the gpu and see if you get a video image.if not see if the cpu got unseated in shipment or there a damaged card or part. most times in shipping a card or device can walk. your better off trying to bare bone the system. one stick of hard drives or cards and see if you get a cmos post.
  2. Check the pins for the CPU as well. Heavy heatsink rocking back and forth is asking for trouble. Probably need to breadboard it
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