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Hi sir/mem

my system is mac pro 8 core 3.0 with 12gb ram
in my mac pro 8800 graphic card is installed,
i,m using this system fro 3d rendering,
witch is not giving me good performance.
i,m using windows 7
i ,m working on 3ds studio max, Auto cad & photoshop
if u know what could be problem in my system please let me know what should i do to increase system speed.
witch graphic card u will suggest for my mac pro?
is ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics good for my need? or is any other nice one
but idont want spend lot of money on it.
same one pc i,m using in my office (mac pro 8 core 2.8 with 12gb ram) with 2600 model graphic card .this computer is working soooo good.i dont know what is problem with my home pc?
please solve my problem.
daily whole i spend with lot of tension because of this my home mac pro
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  1. well got no experience with mac, somewhat I feel like I can't even afford one even thought I handle many pc at home but you can actually just go for anything nice unless you use cuda or just like cuda, any gpu higher than that will work out like magic or so I think
  2. well not that I know much about mac pros, but I do have a macbook air. My question is- have you installed windows 7 on your system via bootcamp? If so, then make sure you download and install the latest windows support app on your system. This usually updates the system with most suitable(not necessarily the latest) graphics driver. Also, I have noticed the mac line ups for the past 3 years have been more optimised for ati radeo gpus. Even the latest macs have almost no support for the nvidia gt650m whereas last years hd6750 gpus work amazingly well. A hd5770 is certainly powerful enough for what you use your computer for. A hd6870/hd6950 would be even better..I am not recommending amd 7xxx series because I am not too sure if those gpus are well optimised for mac hardwares.

    Try installing the latest drivers for your gpu anyway- its worth a shot. Use the auto detection to find your gpu. Lets see if that makes your gpu perform better.
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