Help me with my first build

This is what I have so far

the PC would strictly be for gaming to replace my PS3. So basically I would want to run any modern games like Skyrim or Far Cry 3 at MAX settings or Ultra settings with very high to high FPS.
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  1. Change out your motherboard to something like a MSI Z77A-GD43 and your CPU to a i5 3570K
  2. this is what I have now
  3. You don't need a z77 mobo or cpu cooler with a locked cpu(i5 3570).

    Also lose the sound card.
  4. so I don't need a motherboard at all then?
  5. Do you want to be able to oc the cpu and/or add a second gpu later for a crossfire setup?
  6. honestly I have no idea. I would do whatever one people recommend doing. Like I said this is my first time ever so I am really clueless on what to get.
  7. Ok, I'll make a build for you.
  8. ok thanks a ton.
  9. Here you go
    It's a little more than your last setup but it has a way more powerful video card.
  10. thanks a ton it looks like this will be the computer I build. Thank a lot for the help!
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