1TB Caviar Green no longer detected after BIOS upgrade

Just after I upgraded my BIOS, I enjoyed a constant black screen after the BIOS Screen, which said something like CTRL + ALT + DELETE to reboot. It was no longer detecting something. So I removed the second HD and I was able to boot windows.

During the next boot I did the trick to connect the hard drive to the mobo during the Windows loading screen. And the HD became recognized, I was able to use it normally. In the next boot I left the hard rive connected and it wasn't detected by BIOS or Windows. I tried several cable combinations to see if there's a faulty one but no avail.

The weird part is that this drive does not emit any particular sound and most of faulty drives make noises. Another strange thing is that with the power supply connected the hard drive gets hot, really hot, like it's doing something...

Maybe I should downgrade the BIOS if I can. What do you think?

MOBO: Asrock 4g1m VS3.
PSU: 600W generic.
Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB SATA (Like 5 months old)
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  1. Yaaa u should never try to upgrade the bios or at least it's risky
    but anyhow I think you left click start, left click control panel, left click hardware and sound, left click device manager, right click disk drives, left click scan for hardware changes.
    and it usually detects the second drive...
    BUT, the security on the drive may prevent you from accessing the files. Maybe you need a password (?)
  2. @soundguruman, the device manager did not detect any new drive.
  3. I just tested in other motherboard, bios or windows won't detect the drive, it does not make clicking noises, and it does spin, I didn't have much time to test it but it wasn't as hot as it was on my computer.
  4. After upgrading the BIOS you should always clear the CMOS memory, did you do this? Because the new BIOS may use different memory locations for its settings the old settings may cause errors.
  5. I Cleared the CMOS, and realized that the drive is not spinning but only vibrating slightly by the power current. The heat is near 90C, and I think we are going nowhere.
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