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Hey guys, i'm getting 27' Dell display and i'm using gtx560ti graphic card.

Now - i know it won't be gaming monster at 1440p so i'm thinking about changing g.card in future, thing is - i don't know if my psu will handle that. So here are things you might want to know :

Card i plan to buy : gtx680

Current specs :

psu : OCZ ZS 550W (80 plus bronze something)
g.card - gtx560ti
Cpu : i7 2600k (non-oc so far) 3,4ghz x 4
HDD (Seagate 500gb) & SSD (Samsung 64gb)

Would this psu handle gtx680 in 100% safe or it's safer to change it for something better ? I've read somewhere 550w is enough for gtx680 but don't know for sure. Thanks
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  1. It will work for sure. The GTX 680 needs less power than the GTX 560 Ti.
  2. That was fast, thanks :) and talking 680 - will it handle 1440p in games ? Let's say Crysis2 in hardcore details ? (Never used this resolution so i'm newbie here)
  3. Let's see:

    38 frames per second at maximum settings. It's your call whether it handles it well or not ;).

    Here's results for Battlefield 3:

  4. Thanks man :) seems not bad, i heard turning off AA won't change quality that much on 1440p so i guess it will be playable (still i can change it to 1080 and run it 1:1 non scaled) - thanks again, no more questions :)
  5. No problem :).
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