GTX 460 or HD6870?

Hi I just wanted to know peoples opinions on which card is better and therefore which I should keep meaning price is not a facor except of coure resale value however I do think these cards are roughly the same. The two card are as follows:

GTX 460 OC


The card wil be used or gaming and in particuar racing games and stategy games however I also pl the occasional FPS/RPG and hope to be able to run skyrim.

I am currently running an i5 2500K modestly overlocked to 4.0GHz if that make any difference and they will be running at 1080p

Look forwad to your opinions, thanks.
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  1. 6870 > 460. btw how much you can get for 7850?
  2. Hi, I noticed your system specs are almost identical to what I should have once the graphics card is installed could you tell me how it performs on te latest games etc. thanks and what where you talking about the 7850?
  3. the thing is i played at relatively low res (1600x900). i can max out most of the game easily but for games that really takes advantages of DX11 feature i can't max out those games. for example metro 2033. with batman arkham city enabling DX11 will cut my frame rate to half from 60 FPS. you didn't mention how are you going to spend on gpu but 7850 can be had for less than 200 and it should fare better with 1080p res compared to 460 or 6870
  4. get the 6870 it is still a good value and will max out most games even at 1080p
  5. I left out price as I already have both these cards and just wanted to know which I should keep and which I should sell and It looks like the 6870 is the one to keep. I have just installed it and have to say that for me this card appears to tick all the boxes so far Ive only tested it on f1 2012 which it can fully max out at 1080p I dont know how it would fair on more demanding games eg Skyrim though. Thanks for your help guy much appreciated.
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