Computer Shuts Down When I go to install Windows

homebuilt, sabertooth x79, i7-3930, 16gb corsair memory gtx 670 geforce graphics, asus bc-12b1st cdrom/dvd. System looks great in BIOS (flashed and up-to-date). System begins boot from Windows 8 installation CD, and then crashes after loading for a minute or two. Tried to load an older version of Vista and got the same result. I have run through all the basic checklists (worked through other memory related issue posts) to no avail. I have a last guess...what is yours?
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  1. Sorry - Sata hard drive is a Samsung hd103sj, and power supply is a coolmax zp-1000b
  2. Last point - While running the UEFI BIOS utility, boot device LED is continuously lit.
  3. the HD led is always lit? that isn't right try a different SATA channel? is ACHI enabled in the bios and does the BIOS see he drive with the correct size? I am thinking the drive could be bad
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