Need help with GTX 295

Few days ago i buy nvidia geforce GTX 295. I put it in my P5N-E SLI motherboard and i was seeing that cable is not connected. Green light is on, fan is spinning, NO BLUE LIGHT. I can hear windows welcome sound. My psu is 800w full atx. I am using D-SUB to DVI cable adapter. Also tried HDMI cable. Tried to pit in another slot. Still no video. Any help?
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  1. Try another monitor. If the card were dead (I know I've got a 295GTX to RMA) the computer will give you a beep code and won't get to windows. Either the monitor is not working or the output on the card is broken.
  2. Tried on my brothers pc. i heard few beeps, but also heard win welcome sound.
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