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1000$ gaming rig, To order in about a week or so.

Approximate Purchase Date: Just over a week

Budget Range: 1000$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Movies, Internet

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: Everything but the case, and peripherals.

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg where possible, always great service from them :)

Location: Washington State, US

Parts Preferences: I dont have any preference, just lookingfor the best price/performance.

Overclocking: Yes, mild overclocking.

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: NA

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: My Current system is getting a bit old and slow, noticeable slowdowns playing planetside2, and other games. Currently system is HD 5850, PII X4 955 BE, 4 gigs ram 1333mhz, really cheap asrock mobo i had to replace the original, and 1tb HD, and 750w antec.

So basically around the 7th id like to place an order for all the parts and ill have about 1000 to spend on a new pc. Im selling this older pc to a friend for 250, so i cant reuse the parts and i have the Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming mid tower case already purchased means it went on sale before christmas for 30 bucks. Im not a fanboi of any brand, ive had excellent experience with both AMD intel and nvidia, so just looking for the best price/performance.

After doing a bit of research this is the build i was looking at.







And was thinking of possibly adding in a small SSD, but i dont turn off my PC all the time, but it does get shut off on accident all of the suddenly sometimes ( Bad power in the house, breakers pop sometimes ) are ssds prone to malfunctiong during a power outage at all?

And should i spend more, is it worth it anywhere if i have the money too? Cheaper is obviously better if i can help it.
Will all of this fit together and work fine? Anything i should switch out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. the challenger isnt the best case, but it should do pretty well

    this would work better

    the motherboard and CPU can be price matched at us.ncix if you dont want to buy from 3 stores
  2. and im pretty sure you can sell the old rig for 300 at least
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  4. this is a newer 7870 though, not the one mentioned in techpowerup's article if i read it correctly

    edit: nevermind
  5. read the reviews for the 7870 on newegg. seems like there are still some older faulty ones.
  6. Fixed the CPU and yes it is. But may i ask this, why do you suggest that ram over the patriot? The CAS is 2 higher, costs a dollar more ( Not like that really matters ) and it doesnt have the heatsink?

    And thank you for the headsup on the GPU ! This is why i come here XD

    Ill probably switch to this

    But im wondering, exactly how much difference is there between this in the 660? i havent used an nvidia card in over 5 years as everytime ive been buying amd seems to be winning the market in my price range, but i do love evga.
  7. i suggested the same ram, just cheaper at a different store

    the ram that djangoringo recommended is the best ram you can get. specs look like crap (memory also looks like crap) but then it performs like a beast after tweaking. not that high speed memory provides any benefit, but then its always a option. read the reviews and see what others have attained with their ram
  8. Because they overclock well, it has lower voltage, yes the default timings seems bad but see this :
  9. Yes i just saw that and the reviews, def switched it out. Awesome :)

    Ok i edited the links with the updated build, everything looks good then?
  10. i don't really get all the hype about the samsung ram. even that review says that you shouldn't go over the rated 1.475V. plus no overclock is guaranteed. there is very little difference between 1600 and 1866 or even 2133. save $8 and get the patriot 1600 set the xmp profile and don't worry about them. you could probably crank the volts up to 1.6 on the patriots and overclock them too. but why?
  11. See the user reviews, see the web reviews, also gives a lifetime warranty, it's low profile, he's buying from newegg, so that ram is $47.99.
    It's better than the patriot.
    Back to the op, get the hyper 212 plus or evo if you want to oc the cpu, also you can get the xfx 550w for less price, it's a quality psu(seasonic oem).
    And that's all.
  12. the XFX is out of stock :( ALready had the 212 in my cart but forgot to list it lol. Hopefully the XFX comes back in stock in a week, thank you djang :)
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  14. just about all ram comes with a lifetime warranty. i have read the reviews people all have 1.5V+ to get the high overclocks. just saying when you don't get over 1866mhz and have to up the voltage its not that great of ram. he also newegg where possible he didnt say it had to be newegg. amazon is just as good as newegg.
  15. the psu is instock at amazon. just costs a dollar more than newegg without a MIR
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