Okay so I just finished my first build and turn it on to get a message saying that theres a cpu fan error. Please help :cry:

Its an asus p8z77 pro with a hyper 212 evo on a 3770k. In the BIOS it says CPU_FAN and has a 389RPM with a red bar like its full or too much Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. 389 RPM?! That's reallyyy slow. Check everything is connected & that your cpu fan isn't touching anything else. Take it all apart and clean it , put it back together and see if it works.
  2. check that there no wire from the cpu fan plug jamming the fan on the cpu. if this is an after market fan setup see what the fan sped is rates..slow/max speeds.if the fan does go to 400 rpm then in the asus bios you have to change the fan speed from 600rpm the low end warning to 400. also make sure that all the pins are connected on the fan plug and your using the cpu_fan not the cpu_fax/aux. some newer mb have two cpu fan plugs for the newer sealer water kits.
  3. The Hyper 212 evo fan at lowest setting should be around 700 RPM. Make sure its actually spinning and nothing is obstructing the fan from spinning.
  4. It's fine dude, calm down lol.

    Just go into the BIOS > Advanced Mode > Monitor and set the CPU Fan Speed Low Limit and Chassis Fan Speed Low Limit to 400. It should be fine then.
  5. Thanks for the replies. There is nothing blocking the fan and its up around 480RPM now after being on for 15 mins. I can turn down the low speed limit if that will fix it but if the lowest setting is 700RPM does that mean theres something else wrong.

    I changed the other fans to be connected to motherboard and I'm getting a similar issue in the BIOS. Picture shows what I mean.

    Also the temps are around 25-30 degrees celcius
  6. The temps at idle are fine, so maybe the MOBO is misreading the fan speeds? Perhaps run a stress test and note the highest temps to make sure the fan is cooling properly. If it is and the warnings continue, it should be fine to re-set the BIOS limit.
  7. OK Thanks I'll try that. In your opinion whats the best way to perform a stress test. I havent installed an OS yet but I can do that now that I know I can go ahead without doing damage. Thanks for the help Ill be back when I have OS and drivers installed.
  8. After you install the O/S you can run a test like the Intel Burn test (google); use something like Core Temp to monitor temps from within windows as the Burn test runs.
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