No power after installing windowss

for christmas I bought my son a new pc, or rather the components for a pc. We put the motherboard in the case,cpu,memory,sata hdd,cdrom and connected up.

When we switched on the fans spun and all looked good, it went to bios, we selected to boot from cdrom.

Placed windowsXp in drive, selected where we wanted it and it started unpacking and installing - went for a cup of tea.

When we came back to it the comp was turned off, theres a green light on the motherboard but no fan spin. Tried it an hour later, when i switch on it looks like the cpu fan turn just a little but thats it- nothing

Has anyone got any ideas pls?
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  1. Best thing to do is if you have a spare PC. Use the power supply in the spare PC with the NEW PC component and see if your PSU is dead.
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