My AMD Radeon HD6450

So, I've been looking around on the internet at this card and found out that the one I'm supposed to have should be clocked at 800mhz.

I've recently bought this system:

It even says on the companys website the Memory clock of the card is 800mhz. How ever, I've downloaded GPU-z to find out what the card is clocked at and this is my result.


Could anyone tell me why the clock is this low and what I should do about it?
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  1. Edit: I misread so removed.
  2. Any ideas? :S
  3. I bet your 6450 is just a under-clocked OEM part. In all honesty an extra 150MHZ on that card isn't going to make much of a difference.

    I have a 6450 in a HTPC. It handles 1080p fine but definitely no real gaming. It is without question an entry level board.
  4. 800Mhz is the effective clock rate(data rate/bandwidth) of the memory so since its DDR(double data rate) memory the actual bus clock will be 400Mhz which is what GPU-Z shows.
  5. Wow, I cant believe they advertise that system as a gaming rig the HD6450 is not a gaming card its barely a step above integrated Intel graphics.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I am also concerned why my game stutters in some games, for example San Andreas. When I'm walking around it is fine but when I'm in a car it stutters like hell. Does anyone know any fix to this? And also I'm running Windows 8.
  7. Thats because you are running a Hd6450 its not a gaming card and will not play games very well.
  8. Its just the way DDR memory is represented. The first D basically stands for double so you always double the clocks speed because DDR memory transfers on the raising and the falling of the clock signal, so 400mhz ram as is the true speed, effectively operates at 800mhz because it can transfer double the clock speed, or effectively at 800mhz.

    Nothing to worry about, just the way GPu-z reports the speed.
  9. bignastyid said:
    Thats because you are running a Hd6450 its not a gaming card and will not play games very well.

    I recently bought Modern Warfare 3 and it's playing that game fine on normal settings. The auto settings on San Andreas are all high, even on low settings it's skipping.
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