New build almost complete, good wireless card?

So I almost have all the parts to my new build and am looking for a decent wireless card. I have a belkin wifi adapter on the floor above me and need a card to provide a strong Internet connection for gaming. I have been using my laptop's wifi for sometime now with no problems and now have a pc to game with. What are some good wireless cards that will give me a strong connection at a decent price? Here is one I have looked at, but don't know much about it.
40 bucks is about the maximum I want to spend on this.
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  1. I have always heard not to use USB wireless cards.. Also, I still need to purchase my ram and still trying to figure out which to buy. I want 2 4 gb sticks I'm looking at g skills but heard they ,ought not fit under a hyper 212. Is this true? Should I get ares?
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