DVI from grapics card to tv shows no signal =(


I have my GTX 560ti connected via DVI to a samsung lcd tv that I am using while I save for a monitor, the tv shows no signal on the DVI. The DVI slot works when connected to a smaller crappier monitor but us unable to display desktop( think because the monitors resolution is to low). It displays fine through HDMI to my other much bigger tv. I want it to connect to my smaller lcd that doesn't have hdmi connection, just DVI. Any thoughts?
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  1. It's probably a setting on your tv. Is it set to the right input?
  2. The problem kinda fixed itself. Yes it was on the correct input for DVI. I moved my tower back to another monitor which also didn't work. I restarted the comp and unplugged the graphics card thinking it was the issue at this point and ta-da, it all works now.
    I have no idea what was wrong or how I really managed to get it working again. =P
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