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Hi there I have been messing around with a few builds lately just trying to get myself a great system to last me awhile without having to spend ALOT of money. I'm a student trying to keep costs down but being able to have myself a nice little monster to allow me to play the latest games and upcoming MMO's .

I have a build here I would love to hear opinions and suggestions and even try sway myself to spend a little less money for un needed power.









I would appreciate anyone taking their time to read over this and give me their opinion such as un-needed power for example going OTT on some components or compatibility future upgrades etc.

I love my gaming but I am quite sociable so I am out a lot but use my computer as my main media/entertainment and gaming centre and of course keep in contact with everyone there.

Should I downgrade any parts to save money so I get what's worth paying for etc.
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  1. forgot to add that the systems over all cost at the moment is £635
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