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After building many computers, I feel like I want to start a small (ish) type business where customers choose their own PC components and I build it for them for a small fee, $50-$100 dollars. Which could potentially save them a couple hundred dollars. I have done a bit of research, but how do I create a website like Puget Systems ( where customers select from multiple components and choose the ones they want. They have the overall price displaying on the right hand side consistently changing when new parts are chosen.

How do I customize a website like this? Any suggestions?

Questions are welcome about my plan as well.

Thank you!
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  1. Hi mate , if you're interested in making one of those websites , you'll have to do a lot of research in web building sites. Or come to me ! I do web design and know the perfect way in creating one of those custom built PC sites where they can choose all the parts etc. Message me if you want to know the prices I'll charge etc as I'm keen to do a project like this. My site is

    Thanks :)
  2. Would I get to preview your project before I purchase?
  3. Add me on Skye: ihsaanboksh & we can talk about it ?
  4. Still waiting for your respond mate.
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