ACER 5535 no display!

Hi all,

My wife's laptop has suddenly stopped displaying images on screen, although the laptop seems to be working.

Apparently this model is prone to this, and can be fixed by replacing the foam layer between the GPU and the heatsink with a small copper shim. I've tried this and still nothing.

I've connected the laptop to the tv via VGA cable, and that only comes up with no video signal.

The heatsink gets hot above both processors and the fan kicks in too so I'm left to assume its the GPU or motherboard?

Can anyone else help with this matter? The GPU is an ATI Radeon HD 3200 hypermemory.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Copper is conductive. Hopefully you didn't short anything out when replacing the foam layer. The GPU could have gotten hot enough to destroy it too. That's best of my knowledge
  2. Check the warranty, see if it can be returned or re furb can be done.
    In any case some laptops have the CPU surface mounted to the board, so it could be a bad solder joint, where others will sit in a socket make sure the retention screw is fully locked as a loose one causes the cpu not to make proper contact with the socket.
    Also if the memory is at fault some laptops will refuse to boot. so have a check the memory has not gone bad, if you have two sticks try one at a time and a power up of the laptop.
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