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I have/had a sapphire radeon 4870 x2 that recently just died out on me. With the card installed on my a780gxe/128m motherboard the video card has 3 solid red lights and I looked that up and what I found makes me think the card is dead. I get no display whatsoever and at least one time the computer just shut itself down after a few seconds of trying to boot up. Since my motherboard has onboard video I tried just removing the defunct card and plugging into that but I still get no display at all however the computer hasn't shut itself down yet. How would I get the onboard video to work so I can get into my computer and retrieve my school work? Thanks....
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  1. By resetting the BIOS with the card removed. Either by following instructions in using the CMOS jumper or removing the motherboard battery for a few seconds. It will default to the onboard then.
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