Need compatibility check - purchasing within 24 hours.

Hello, can you please check if there are any glaring compatibility issues within this system?

CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K $579.00
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO $35.00
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II $439.00
Motherboard: ASUS P9X79-LE $239.00
PSU: Corsair HX-750 $199.00
RAM: Ares F3-1600C10D - 16GB $89.00
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001 $99.00
BD Drive: Lite-On IHBS312 12x $75.00
Case: CM 690 II Advanced (Blue + Black) $119.00
Wireless: ASUS PCE-N15 $35.00
OS: Windows 8 Pro $149.00
Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech MK520 Combo $59.00
Card Reader: Sintaro Internal 3.5" $16.00
140mm Fan: BitFenix Spectre Pro Black PWM $19.00
120mm Fan: GELID Wing 12 PWM (blue LED) $19.00

TOTAL: $2,189.00

Link to full list:

Thanks, Michael
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  1. everything looks fine compatibility wise. i'm guessing you use some software that benefits from the 6core cpu. i do have a couple suggestions.

    i would be wary of that video card. asus discontinued it and it has a lot of bad reviews on newegg.

    the X79 can take advantage of quad channel memory so you might want to consider 4x4GB or 4x8GB.

    you could save some money on the psu.

    your doing yourself a disservice with a $2000 pc not including a ssd. i would look at a 120GB ssd for $99. at that price there is really no reason not to get one. watch the video below on why you want a ssd.,3064-12.html
  2. Couple of places where you can cut costs and some places where that cash can go. I'l assume you are doing something on this rig that warrants the high end hardware.

    First thing is do you really need the BLU-Ray drive? Because if you dont thats $50 you can save.

    Downgrade to just standard Windows 8, you don't need the professional edition to utilize more than 16GB of RAM like it was with Win7.

    Unfortunately down here in Australia, all the usual PSU manufacturers that are usually recommended are over priced. Seasonic and Corsair are too expensive, and XFX just doesnt exist down here.
    This PSU is just as good and a lot cheaper.
    Silverstone Strider Plus 750W, 80+ Silver Fully-Modular. $145
    Or if you want the Gold Efficiency. $175

    With that card reader your going to run into the issue that there's nowhere to put it, case doesnt have any external 3.5" bays. You'l have to get an adapter.

    I also recommend an SSD to use as a boot drive, believe me it makes a noticeable difference in how fast the machine boots and generally feels.

    Talking about storage, if you'r doing video editing or some application that will be reading and writing a lot of data, you will want more HDD's to spread the load amongst. If the same drive has to read data (say raw footage) and have data written to it (processed footage) while also feeding the OS and whatever programs are running, doesnt get you the best performance. Ideally you want four drives, but three will suffice. One to hold the OS and any programs (the SSD), one to hold any raw footage (HDD1), another to be the output drive (HDD2) and another to hold any movies, games and unimportant programs (HDD3). Though I think you should be able to store the movies, games and such on the render drive with little ill effect.

    Also, while the 212 EVO is a great budget cooler, I dont think it will hold up that well to the 3930K's 130W TDP, especially after overclocking it. Might want to consider a beefier cooling solution.

    EDIT: Forgot a link.
  3. Lots of good stuff here, thanks!

    Would the Gigabyte card be a better option do you think?
    The reviews seem to favour it a bit more and it comes with a slight overclock too.

    I wasn't going to go SSD in the short term only because there is no requirement for the speed. Also, I'm a bit worried as it will be a family desktop that stuff that should go on the HDD will be put on the SSD and just end up filling it up too fast. But, yeah, I may install one at a later upgrade point.

    It may also have memory upgrades later, is the difference from 2x8GB to 4x4GB very noticeable?

    Yeah, needs blu-ray :/ costs a lot but it needs to do HD video editing and burning in blu-ray format.

    Oh, windows 8 takes heaps of RAM! Wow, didn't check sorry. No real reason for the Pro version then, thanks!

    Nice PSU's too, I will have a look. Are Silverstone good quality? Durable? Only, corsair are supposed to be about the best aren't they?

    I think the case comes with a converter from 5" to 3.5" bays according to video reviews. If it doesn't, I'll just buy the adapter later. :)

    Shouldn't be overclocking the CPU...would the Hyper 412 Slim ( be more suitable perhaps?

    Thanks for all the ideas, any more still welcome! Should buy it all in about...5-6 hours, quite excited! :D
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    Would get the Gigabyte card, its actually the 670 I would pick if I were to get one. ASUS are pretty overpriced for what the offer, especially down here.

    You wouldn't notice a difference, but quad channel does perform a wee bit better. I dont think running out of RAM slots is going to be an issue on an X79 build, would o for the 4x4GB. That will still give you the upgrade path to 32GB if you wanted.

    I will admit that the low end Silverstone units are fairly iffy, the Strider Plus series is quite good. I use the 750W Silver one in my rig and have had no issues.
    Heres a review.
    Also the best PSU manufacturer is Seasonic. The reason why XFX and Corsair are close seconds is because they are just re-branded Seasonic designs and workmanship.

    Suspect that one would do a bit better since the heatsink has more mass and comes with push/pull fans out of the box.

    Also just to throw a spanner in the works at the... 3rd hour(?), here are two more Melbourne based PC retailers that I have had good dealings with. Between them and PC Case Gear (great customer service from PCCG btw) youl find the cheapest prices in Melbourne.
  5. Thank you all again! I have ordered the system now with the gigabyte graphics and windows 8 standard which all helped save $70-$80 dollars!

    Would have been very upset had I got the Asus and it failed so thank you for those fast responses.

    Thanks again, and I'll wrap this thread up.
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