New system posts but will not boot

2) bought a new case, PSU, mobo, memory, cooler and took my existing hddx2, graphics card and cd and assembled today, it posts but will not boot.

It will not boot with the 'ultimate boot cd'- it tries to and bsod.

3) system worked fine prior to upgrading the components - this was just a CPU and mobo/mem upgrade

4). System posts, I can get into setup, it recognizes the boot drive in setup and the cd

When I power on it goes to windows loading screen then brief bsod then back to boot again. Then it goes to computer did not boot properly screen. Won't boot in safe mode

It also will not boot from a boot cd as I mentioned above - it starts to and loads a while then bsod

It will load the windows cd buit I am trying to avoid reinstalling system since I don't hit it stage boot hd since it bsods from the boot cd

5). Asus p8z77 pro new
Corsair 860 I PSU new
Gtx 590 old
Corsair ddr1600 x2 new. Will get info later
Corsair h80 I cooler new
Wd raptor 150 system old
Wd 500 he'd old but unplugged
Pioneer cd old
CPU intel Xeon - new. Sorry will get model later I'm in the car
Vista home premium old
Case silenci0 550

6). I have removed and changed memory and slots. Same problem

I have tried booting from boot cd. Slightly did in that it goes to perm bsod not quick and back to boot bsod

I attempted windows repair

I have not removed you and used onboard video

I have not done system reinstall - I figured not the problem Since wont boot from boot cd

One other interesting thing - it willr ead the boot cd and give me a menu on the boot cd - it's only when it tries to load an O/S - ive tried xp, win 7 and vista on different drives that it crashes and reboots. - any ideas ?
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  1. I don't know have any suggestions but I hope you figure it out soon :) Once I get my computer built I hope I don't run into any problems haha
  2. Thanks. I just wonder if I should reinstall windows

    But the bsod from a boot cd worries me

    I'll try another boot drive from a woking comp
  3. I tried another boot hd ( win 7) and got exactly the same thing so it is not the boot drive

    I will remove the Gpu next unless we have other ideas

    Edit. A friend said I may need to connect to different sata ports because the board has different controllers?
  4. sorry o bump bust just notced the "boot dvice" LED on the Mobo is lit - however the boot HDD is definitely there and recognized in the BIOS - tried another HDD with antoher OS and same issue - Mobo?
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