Repost b/c forgot to give link. need to buy card by tonight. thanks

just bought antec- vp 450w, and need recommendation on quality/cheapest hd 7770 card. Also, can someone tell me the difference between these two card? Why is their memory clock speed different if both are the exact same i think? i don't understand why the one is called 1024mb and the other 1 gb. finally, is it better for a card to have a higher gb than the bit (like 1 gb 128 bit card) thank you. [...] Video_Card [...] 6814161402

i think one of these two are the best ones right now. would this be a good choice? and which one is better. thanks
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More about repost forgot give link card tonight thanks
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    none of the links work...

    1gb is exactly the same as 1024mb
    higher amount of vram only helps when your gpu is fast enough to use that vram. That includes the bit rate and memory clock speed. In other words, your gpu needs to have a well balance of gb and bit rate.

    the cheapest hd7770 ghz I can find is the xfx core edition $99 after rebate

    But if I was you, I'd definitely get the sapphire vaporx one, its simply too gorgeous and has much higher core and memory clock speed not to mention the vapor x cooler design. although its about $25 more expensive but would perform about 25-30% better than the xfx one as well.
  2. thanks man, really appreciate it
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