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i have 6950 2gb crossfire and bought dishonoured today and i am dissapointed with performance i get 1 second black screen and stuttering i noticed it runs good with crossfire disabled. this isnt the only game either theres issues with others but works great yet again with 1 card im thinking of dropping to a single card set up now which will help with my 700w psu and 1st card wont get as hot wot do u guys think should i stick with single card or keep with crossfire
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  1. that(i believe)is micro stuttering and for a crossfire set up is more common in older cards like your
  2. might drop to one card then :)
  3. if you look around the net there are several problems ( one card or two ).. gotta wait for ati to post driver fix.
  4. should i drop to one card im using a 700w anyway
  5. try the 12.11 beta 7 driver. just released.
  6. swifty_morgan said:
    try the 12.11 beta 7 driver. just released.

    but wont that be buggy im not very good at uninstalling drivers every time i try i have to reinstall windows because installing the new drivers come up with errors
  7. ever hear of add/remove programs ?

    start/control panel/add-remove or uninstall program......... voila.
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