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Hello, i have a new hp dv6-7000 with the gt650m. i have been gaming on it for over a month now with no issues until recently. I have been using msi afterburner to overclock my gpu but only core and memory clock (no voltage change). everything's been working until suddenly while playing dead space i started getting intense lag spikes. i rebooted my computer thinking that my oc may have just become unstable but when starting the game up again about 10 minutes in it starts up again. ive determined this will not stop until i reboot and then only for 10 or so minutes. when monitering the gpu during gameplay it looks like my clock is jumping from peak (925mhz with oc) (800 stock) down to about 200mhz. this jumps between the 2 frequencies about every 1.5 seconds. my memory clock, gpu usage, anf obviously fps also jump around in a similar fashion . i reset to stock clock which did nothing and even completely disables msi afterburner which also did nothing. no update were done recently that could have caused it, however i did go in after and update my drivers and windows to the latest but to no avail. Anybody also experienced this or no of a solution. thanks ahead of time
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  1. How hot is it getting these gpus will throttle down when hot.
  2. what temps are you hitting?
  3. it will generally run around 65-72 never goes higher
  4. ok so i did some more testing and it looks like my GPU is staying a those temps, but cpu-z and speccy are saying my cpu and mobo are getting up to 85 degrees. could those temps cause a problem??
  5. Yes, cpu throttling will cause a fps drop aswell. Whens the last time the fans and heatsinks got a good cleaning?
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