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ok well i did some research before bying a graphics card and got confused
im just gonna get to the point i have a gateway gt5670 * * < all the info about it can be found here, its upgraded from a vista 64 to a win 7 32, (i dont know if this is relavant) i have intergrated graphics at the moment, so i wana know what slot type i have PCI-E, PCI-E 2 or 3? or better yet can anyone recommend me a card from tigerdirect? i hope to order it by this weekend.
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  1. also would i hav to get a low profile? whats the diffence?
  2. You support PCI-E so you can pretty much use any card. Low profile means the card itself has small dimensions. Also, we need to know the rest of your specs to find a good GPU. PSU/CPU/RAM/Monitor Resolution/What Games
  3. 1024x764 res im using a sansui hdtv with VGA and i dont know what pcu is
  4. ill post more....
    CPU is a AMD Phenom 8400 3core
    Installed memory (RAM) 3.0G (2.87gb usable)
  5. it dont need to be but im also (attempting) to stay with in 150$ limit 10-20 over is fine
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    Should be excellent. Play any game maxed at that resolution. Very low power consumption as well.
  7. sounds perfect, thanks for helping me out, do you know how long shipping usualy is?
  8. 2-3 days. Pretty fast.
  9. one question though i have that blue cord (VGA) and a s-cable slot, i dont either of them on that card :(
  10. would it matter? what card my monitor is plugged into? like i get this one, with those three slots wich i dont have or can use, and use my vga in the slot its in now? would i still get the graphics from the new card?
  11. The graphics card comes with a DVI to VGA adapter. And you need to plug the monitor into this card.
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