Radeon 6870

Anyone ever run into issues with their Radeon card heating up after the new drivers are installed? I originally had Catalyst version 12.4, which came with the card. I installed the newest drivers and my idle temps went from 38-47 C to around 58-61 C. Thats a huge jump. The fan speed was the same, but the temp went way up. I uninstalled the drivers and went back to the original immediately. That can't be a normal idle temp?

HP media center
HD 6870
Asus Benecia motherbard
4 gb ram
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  1. Did the temps reduce when you re-installed the old drivers? And, no, what you described would be unusual.
  2. the temps reduced to normal with the old drivers. weird.
  3. What app are you using to monitor your system temps?
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