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AMD Trinity Hybrid Crossfire Compatibility

The title basically says it all but what are the compatible gpus to crossfire with a 5800k (or any Trinity) CPU?
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    Google is your friend

    HD6670 is crossfire compatible with the A10-5800K
  2. Also, don't bother crossfiring two low end cards like that - the A10 and 6670 will run faster by about 2 fps when NOT crosfired.
  3. I'm asking here because I haven't been able to find the answer on google. All I know is that you can use the 6670 and that's it.
  4. If you look at the performance tests with the A10-5800 crossfired with the 6670 performance almost doubled when you are running in 1920x1080, lower rez the processor is the bottleneck not the GPU, but if you are like me and running this box on a big screen HDTV, it's worth the extra $50 for the crossfire.
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