Overclocking Geforce 8600 GT first time need tips

Hello i dont know what to overclock first my cpu or gpu or both.

Well my current specs are:
Win 7 64 bit
ASUS m3a
geforce 8600gt
antec liquid cooler 920
amd athlon x2 64 dual core processor 5200+ 2.7ghz
(if u neeed to know a specific spec let me know for my oc safety)

i play mmorpg games such as aion my fps usually goes 11-25, i want to overclock my gpu possible my core aswell if it helps increasing FPS. I want to overclock at safety limits where i wont actually break my card or my other components just give me the tips what to do what program to use (ntune maybe which i have right now)

etc..what temperature to look at..
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  1. I'm sorry to bring the bad news, but you won't see any difference overclocking that card. I'm sure you could quickly ruin the card overclocking it, but then you would get to buy a new card.....have the new card in hand when you crank up the clock.

    Good luck.
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