Problems with graphics card

I am trying to install a Galaxy Geforce 8400 gs and during install Nvidia tells me that it "cannot find compatible hardware." I have tried different drivers and the install disk, changing display settings in bios, and scoured the net for answers to no avail. Please help!!!! :fou:

Asus P5GZ-MX mobo
2 gb ram
intel d 2.8 ghz
450 watt psu
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  1. Perhaps you have a bad card. Does anything show up in device manager for it?
  2. Nothing shows up in device manager, this is driving me nuts
  3. Try throwing it in another pc and check for it. If you're sure you have it connected, enough power is getting to it and bios is reading it, you probably have a bad card. I could be very wrong. I am new at this game.
  4. The fan cranks up
  5. I wouldn't think that necessarily means anymore than it draws power. Are you sure you disabled integrated graphics from the mother board and selected the other graphics options such as PCI?
  6. Here's another suggestion: When you have your display connected to your graphics card and you boot up your PC, do you get the bios screen when it posts?
  7. No, my monitor says no signal
  8. I'd conclude that you either have a bad card or bad PCI bus.
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