MSI geforce gtx 660 Hawk edition

Does anyone know where i can find the MSI geforce gtx 660 Hawk edition? I cant seem to find them anywhere.
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  1. MSI HAWK has limited worldwide volume available with a primary focus on the China and Europe Market. I never seen it in U.S. being sold as it is there will be limited availability.
  2. 660 Hawk was sold 1699RMB here in China, which approximately cost $273. MSI 660 Hawk was the best 660 family graphics card ever in this planet
  3. I tried to find me a pair as soon as a i saw a couple reviews for them and i thought to myself they would be gone soon ...who passes on a pair of 660 for that pice/perfomance point. So i settled on a pair of EVGA SC 660 FTW2 for sli. But i really wanted the HAWKS
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