Saphhire HD6770 not detected

Been using this PC for about a year now, with a ASUS Mobo, Saphhire HD 6770 and a Corsair 500WPSU and 8GB RAM on Win 7 64..

about a month back one day PC started but display was tinkered around and display came back on the Mobo GPU when the Saphhire was taken out.. so prognosis was that Saphhire was faulty

Got the Saphhire replaced by the manufacturer in abt 10 days.

put it back in the PC today, with card in, 6pin power connected, HDMI to DVI Cable connected (DELL Monitor doesnt have HDMI Input) but no signal to monitor :fou:

what could be the problem? .. can it be a bios setting?
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  1. Updated BIOS to latest version.. but did not help :(
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