I'm considering a hackintosh build and would like to know some value/ best bang for the buck builds, as i want to keep the costs reasonably low. I live in New Zealand so i'm fine for people giving me part links but i am not going to be able to ship from the U.S. Budget would be around 1100-1200 NZD, which is about 903-985 USD.
Any suggestions would be a good help, just don't go and post AMD cpu's as they are not recommended for hackintosh builds.
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  1. http://www.tonymacx86.com/home.php also has example builds
  2. i already knew about him but was asking anyone who had other suggestions or had built a successful build but thanks for your reply
  3. You should get a Nvidia gpu unless you plan on getting an older AMD gpu as the 7000 series is not supported natively by OS and it can be a pain to get working. Most GTX gpus are natively or almost natively supported. For your budget I would recommend like an i5 3570k. Picking the gpu might be hard because Nvidia is not friendly for anyone with a price range around $1000 because the 7950 and 7970 have it covered.
  4. you have to remember 3570k's are not as cheap as they are in the U.S as in NZ so i would be looking at either a i3 3220 or 3470 as they preform fine for what the build is for ( my dads graphic design ) and i would be going with a gt 640 for the gpu which are really cheap and perfect for the job
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