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Graphics card for 300 Watt psu

My desktop has no graphics card and i wanted to get one mainly for improved browsing and video. It has to be <=300 Watt and PCIe x16 with preferably a VGA out. I am looking for something cheap and will be happy with 5 year old tech. Can someone please recommend what fits the bill?
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    I suppose you will not be playing computer games? Then I suggest getting something like this to ensure compatibility:

    It will work on your power supply without any problems.
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  3. I would personally avoid newer AMD cards for compatibility reasons (the OPs PC is old and probably has PCIe 1.0 slot). Check this article out:
  4. His build may be old, but there would still be a PCI-Gen2 16x slot on a 5yr old machine.
    I know there were issues between Gen2 cards and 1.1 slots.

    The motherboard your using would help OP, just so we know whether this is even a possible issue.
  5. My desktop is Gateway GT5238e, specs are The specs only say PCI Express ×16. I added a 2TB caviar green HD and 4GB RAM to this.
    Also i was looking to buy something around $15 on ebay, would ATI Radeon X300 or X600 work.
  6. Bought one of these for my Dell GX280 surf machine 250 watt and it improved from the on board graphics, has a VGA adapter.
  7. A friend told about this tool to check if my power supply will be good enough for a given video card. This is just the tool i needed to check if what i like on ebay will work for me or not.
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