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Wanting to reduce GFX card size by replacing large fans.

Ok so I was crossfiring two Powercolour Radeon HD 6950 2GB's but my motherboard literally puts them about 3 mms apart which, after they heat up, results in one grinding the other which I am guessing is not good. So I was considering getting a new motherboard until someone suggested getting a new set of fans for the cards which most likely would be easier for me and would reduce their height and hopefully keep them cooler. At the moment the cards are about 38mm in height and I would need to reduce one by around 8 mm or so to ensure there's no horrible grinding (i might apply a space as well to be sure).

So any suggestions on what a good set of fans would be? I don't really have a budget but if i must apply one i'd like to spend les than 100 AUD but since i only need one, it's not a strict thing.
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  2. That's an excellent idea! It looks small, there's nothing rasking grinding on the other, the price is roughly what I saw the others fans at and it doesn't look TOO much more difficult than replacing the fans anyway. Thank you so much for the links, I'll do the older one so if it breaks I can just throw it at the wall and use the newer one.
  3. So, this is currently what I'm running.

    It is using the rather large H50 pump/block, but you'll be using the thinner antec ones.

    I just picked up an H100, so I'll be slapping that on soon.
  4. Awesome man, thanks so much for your help! Come pay day I will order the cooler and chuck it all in, thanks again.
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