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I'm not sure what is causing these anomalies when I'm playing 3D rendered games. Holes in the surface of walls and ground. Flashes of what looks like miss-placed textures randomly appear. It seems to start after a few hours of playing. Possibly an over heating issue? I probably answered my own question though. What should I look for and how can I diagnose it?
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  1. install evga ocsanner x check on the enable scanner box,run the different types of GPU stress tests it offers about 30 mins each.[Monitor closely,stop the test whenever artifacts are detected]
    If artifacts are reported its bad news,you'll have to return to the stock clocks of your gpu.If you're already in stock clock speeds you should have to RMA your card.
  2. Ok I installed a temp reader for my system called PC-Wizard. My GPU peaks at about 50 degrees when im playing games so its not over heating. Its and Gigabyte Radeon HD7970 and its got a decent cooling system.
  3. did you read what i said?get that software,its free to download,however you need to sign up,here:
    Now try out my instructions.
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