OK, Strictly Adhering to Price/Performance. Select the Best I can get:
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  2. All are roughly the same for performance, so it would literally come down to whichever is cheapest.
    Though I will say the 7770 performs the best.

    In reality you should be getting whichever card performs best in your budget. Ss in Price/Performance comparisons (especially across different cards) it will just come down to whichever's cheapest unless one perform significantly better.
  3. hd 7770 will be the best there.its a good gpu for has a lower power consumption.its on par with hd 6850 and gtx 460 its better then gtx 550ti with newer drivers its performs more well.:)
  4. you realize that there are and can be mutltiple price/performance cards, as in every month Toms publishes it's best "CPU for money" and "GPU for the Money" and "SSD for the money" and so on. I believe all those you listed have appeared on the last GPU list at various price points.
  5. We cant answer that without knowing the prices you personally can get each card for.

    Mactronix :)
  6. jessterman21 said:

    That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanx, Very Much.
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