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New Pc build Uk (budget orientated)1155

December 29, 2012 9:34:26 AM

Hi all, thanks for your time looking.

i read the toms Dec 2012 500$ build and was impressed with what can be done these days.

i will eventually want to run an SSD, an i5 and possibly OC it but that is a little out of my budget currently

for now i would like to build something aimed mainly for gaming with a budget setup



-4GB ram maybe 8 or ill add as i go - can i use 1600mhz ram? as that will be compatible with the i5 to save me some pennies later?

-I already have a CD/DVD-r drive and a 750GB HDD

so i need recommendations/ advice to fill the blanks
for guide id say £500? - uk prices required

Mobo? anything i need to consider except sandy/ivy support and pci3? also give me recommendations i don't need wi-fi

PSU: i literally have no idea tho i understand the graphics card will be a big factor

graphics: obviously has to be in budget, but what can i get?
i will be using a 32" 1080p TV to display so only 1080p will be required but i want the card to last me for newer games and reliability over time. high FPS to shooters etc.

to recap:
£500 gaming PC build
intel G860 CPU
HDD -already acquired
CDR- already acquired
Motherboard - must accomadate the g860 and i5 for later upgrade
OC functionality maybe?
Ram- minimal 1600mhz 4gb?
Graphics: whatever can fit
PSU: as required
Case: i do also need a new case for this, space is not an issue, bigger will always be better tho within reason

go wild and have fun! i look forward to responses,suggestions and opinions