Can I use two different video cards on same PC ?

I have a Dell T – 7500 workstation which came with AMD FirePro 2260 Video Card.

I removed it & installed AMD FirePro 2460 Video card to run a total of 4 Monitors ( This Video Card has 4 Mini DP Port & comes with 4 Mini DP To DVI Converter Cables )

All monitors are identical.

Now one of those 4 Mini DP To DVI converter cable has failed & I am left with only three functioning monitors.
( I tested everything & narrowed it down to the converter to be the culprit )

I am thinking about plugging back the original FirePro 2260 video card which will run the 4th monitor till I get the replacement converter.

So my question is if those two different Video Cards will work together ? ( Yes, FirePro 2260 has DP to DVI Converter )

If yes, do I need to download two different drivers ?

From AMD’s site, it seems both use same drivers.

Many Thanks
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  1. Yes you can unless you are running windows Vista.
  2. I would have said "absolutely not" but as you see that has been contradicted. Please post to answer this for me. Thanks.
  3. Yes, you can use multiple cards for multiple displays, you just cannot make them work together to render one scene (also known as crossfire).

    Make sure you have enough power for both cards, though!
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