Sapphire HD7770 Ghz Edition and PSU??

Hi Guys ! First, sorry for my bad english :)

Just I bought Sapphire HD7770 Ghz Edition. Manufacturer suggest 450watt psu but I have 400watt psu. I set my graphic card to
pc. I can run pc well. I tested play games. Just Cause 2, Skyrim vsvs. I dont have any problems for now but I am afraid of encounter problems so I need help.

My Psu Aopen Z400-08F


Psu can give in 12v channel 23A.

My equipment:
Motherboard:Asus M4A78-AM DDR2 1200MHZ
Processor: Amd Phenom X2 550 3.1GHZ Black Edition
Ram: 2 GB DDR2 800MHZ
HDD: Samsung SATA2 320GB
DVDCD writer

Pls help me. Is psu enough my system?
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  1. Your psu is just fine. HD 7770 can run on 350 watts psu. If you are worried about your psu try to get a quality psu brand like seasonic, corsair or antec. Don't get me wrong here.. your psu is okay unless you add more stuff on your pc or oc.
  2. You're good. Your whole system draws less than 200w at full load.
  3. If you have crashing or sudden shutdowns, then you should suspect your PSU first; however I agree with those above, it's probably fine and I wouldn't worry unless you have problems.

    If you do have problems, here is a handy reference for finding quality power supplies:
  4. Ohh very well :) I am relaxed. For now ı dont have problems :) Thanks for help thank very much :)
  5. Am ı safe ???
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