New computer is randomly shutting off HELP!

Alright, my computer that I've had for roughly a month and has been completely fine up until today where it decided to randomly shut off while I was browsing (watching youtube, wasn't even using a lot of resources) I turned it back on and 20 minutes of browsing later and it shuts off again. I've had it on for probably a good 24 hours because I left it on last night so that I can download something, however I've done that before. Everything was bought new and retail and appears to work fine.

Here are the temperatures currently according to CPUID HW Monitor:

TZ00 - stays solid 28 degrees celsius
TZ01 - stays 30
SYSTIN - stays 30
TMPIN3 - 25 min 39 max
29 min 49 max stays at around 35
Hard drive:
stays solid 35
31 min 37 max

Keep in mind these are temps while just doing browsing or watching youtube videos.

Here is my specs:
GPU: Zotac GTX 680
CPU: i7 3770k w/ Hyper 212 Evo
Mobo: ASUS sabertooth z77
RAM: G skill 8gb @ 1866ghz
Hdrive: slow crappy 300gb (don't even know RPM or brand)
Monitor: just bought three days ago, only new part: BenQ XL2420T
Tower: HAF 912
PSU: 850W gold certified corsair professional edition (going to SLI soon)
2x 200mm fans: one in front one on top
2x 140mm fans: one back one side
2x motherboard assist fans

I'm pretty sure it's not my power supply because not only is it plenty of power but it's a great brand and it's gold certified. The only thing that I can think of is maybe it's my new monitor? But why would it make it shut off? Please help me I'm really worried.
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  1. Hi,
    I would also firstly suspect a bad power supply or high temperatures.
    Other ideas:
    Could it be a virus?
  2. I ran a tdss killer to check for rootkits and did two quick scans using norton and malwarebytes, nothing was found.

    I'm skimming through that link of yours, and it said that if a computer or hard drive is over 3 years old (which mine is) that could be the problem. Could it be that when I got my new monitor it's been stressing my hard drive to perform better and it can't keep up? Or does that not make any sense.

    I'll do a full scan and read the rest later. Also, I should mention that not too long ago Chrome had to close because it had an error or something, which has never happened before.

    It wouldn't make sense for it to be over heating because I was playing Crysis 2 on max everything on 1920 x 1080 and it even prompted me to use Windows Basic theme because my "computer is slow" that's how much resources it was using, it would have made sense for it to turn off during my Crysis 2 session. Instead it turns off while I'm watching youtube, and the temps all seem fairly low (at least they're the same for like a month).
  3. Try using Internet Explorer for Youtube and see if still the same. Does it restart only when browsing using Chrome?
  4. Today when I woke up my computer wouldn't even turn on, and I was very upset. I knew it wasn't my hard drive because if my hard drive died it would still turn on. As I'm unplugging everything to look inside, I notice that my power cord was very loose. I plug it in fully and bam it turns on no problem.

    My guess is that I nudged the power cord a few times with my foot causing it to turn off.

    I'll let you know if it turns off again. In the meantime, I'm looking for a new hard drive just in case. I was thinking a western digital cavier black 500GB since it's cheap and reliable. Are there any other hard drive brands you would recommend other than WD?
  5. I'm using also WD. No issues so far (3yrs).
  6. Ok I'm here through my other computer. When I woke up and tried to turn on my computer it wouldn't. I checked to make sure the power cord was firmly in and even tried other power cords. It would turn on for a split second then go back off.

    I opened up my case and took off the PWR GROUND and tried to turn it on using a screw driver, that didn't work. The motherboard has a green light indicating that it's on and possibly working.

    I took out my power supply and put it in the one I'm using now and exact same results. However I didn't have a 4 pin connector thing that is right beside the main power connector (the mobo is an old lanparty nf4) not sure if that wouldn't allow it to turn on.

    So my guess is that the power supply has went. HOW is this even possible?! I spent extra to make sure I got the best power supply I possibly could, gold certified and even modular, and yet this happens?

    Now what happens? Do I have to ship it to Corsair and have them replace it? I've never done this before. Urgh this is so frustrating.
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