Best Mouse for gaming?

Any good mice for gaming out there? Optical mice are apparently more accurate, but also do this shaky recalibration thing when lifted from the pad and set back on it which can be incredibly annoying during fast-paced gaming. This makes me lean towards ball mice, but if some newer opticals have come out that correct this problem, I’d definitely be willing to consider them.

I don’t want to spend too much on a mouse, just need something sturdy and reliable that is great for gaming.

Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
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  1. Look for a mouse with wires and optical.
    Wireless is quite slow.

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  2. I would suggest a trackball, then the cord doesnt get in the way of movement. Wireless, can be a problem, but alot of people swear buy them. As a gamer I prefer a trackball, quicker and more accurate. Since the coord doesnt bother me I dont need a coordless.

    At work, I use a coordless, seems slower and bulky to me, but that might because Im been using a trackball at home for over 10 years and it comes down to more ergonomics then the coordless feature. I have always found them annoying compared to a trackball though.

    For coordless mice I hear the logitech is great. I use a logitech trackball.

    Like anything, you will hear different opinions. But for coordless it seems Logitech is the best.

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  3. Logitech MX series is by far the best I've used. I have both a MX-700 (wireless) and MX-500 for backup when I manage to drain the batteries on the wireless.

    The MX-700 updates as often as a regular PS/2 mouse, so there is no lag whatsoever.

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  4. For gaming the trackball mouse rules, especially in FPS games, the larger the ball the better, with the ball itself being index finger controlled, anyone that says a regular mouse is better, has probably never used a trackball at all, and doesn't have a clue as to what they're talking about. I personally use the Microsoft Trackball Explorer.

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  5. I have the MX-500 - I loved it when I bought it, but after only a few months of use the left click button broke.

    The mouse I had prior - the Intellimouse Explorer optical was great too, and lasted quite a bit longer - 3 years.

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  6. mx500.. best optical eye for gaming and has all the extra features for windows like back and forward button.

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  7. I perfer Microsoft Intellimouse explorer. It is very nice mouse. I have a lot trouble with Logitech mouse driver. Microsoft mouse driver is a lot better than Logitech mouse driver.
  8. My vote is also MS Intellimouse Explorer. I also own the wireless version and it definatly is slower in comparison and the batteries drain way to fast. Unless whatever you do absolutely demands wireless dont use wireless. As far as trackball goes I am amazed that someone thinks a trackball mouse performs better in FPS games than an optical or ball mouse. IMO and in the majority O, that is just not true but to each his own.

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  9. Do you have MX mouse?
    The new drivers are great.

    The benefit to the MX mice is the eye is twice the resolution as the MS.

    800"dpi" rather than 400.

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  10. Definately the MS Explorer 3.

    I play Battlefield & the extra 2 buttons are brilliant for changing views from first person to third for driving & flying. It's great for CS etc aswell.

  11. A friend of mine and I have both owned MX500 mice in the past, but they BOTH were flaky. If u just leave the mouse sitting there, the cursor moves around. This happened on both my friend's mouse and mine.

    Also, on my mx500, the mouse sometimes had intermittent problems tracking vertically.

    Multiple emails to Logitech were useless. We each had the latest drivers at the time.

    Did we each just get unlucky?
  12. You ever try the Microsoft Trackball Optical? Just curious.

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