[Graphic Card] Asus 7900 GT Top DEAD?

Since this morning my PC (running fine since 2006) seems to have some troubles. When it boots, the boot-up BIOS screens looks weird (some weird greenish background colors appearing in some areas) and then I simply get a black screen after Windows is loaded.
Starting in fail safe mode, I can see Windows in graphical mode, but well, still quite some garbage on the screen...
Do you think my graphics card is dead?
Could it be the power supply?

I tried changing slots, cleaning up, un-plugging disks etc, but this does not change anything.

Unfortunately, I don't have a spare PCI express card to try out... :-(

Any advises or suggestions are welcome!


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  1. this is an old card..but still a great card...:)

    since this is an old card..maybe some dirt has been piled and shorting some of your component..

    okay, i suggest you do something rather extreme...

    "washing your graphics card.."

    beside to fully clean your graphics card from the dirt and dust, water will neutralize the ic and capacitor to the original state..

    if washing is not working, do something a little bit more extreme..baking your gpu..:)
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