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Hi all :)
I got some identical pc's with an AMD setup (990fx mobo + fx8320 + Asus 7970 vga + 8gb mem on windows 7 ultimate)
So i thought i might aswell try some 3d gaming. Looked at AMD's recomended displays ( http://sites.amd.com/us/recommended/Pages/hd3d-panels.aspx ) and since i m a bit noob at this i got some trouble deciding.
It all comes to this:
What is the difference between Frame Seq. and Line Inteleaved monitors?
What would be best for 3d gaming?
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  1. Of those listed, only the Samsung monitors would be something to consider. The reason is that the others are either interlaced, passive or in the case of Acer's, limited to 720p for input in 3D with 60hz (per eye).

    I'm unfamiliar with the Samsung DM-AF315-A53D, but all the other Samsung HD3D monitors seem to get good reviews.
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