Various BSOD during install of Windows 7

I have recently built a computer with the following components:

Asus 990fx Sabertooth motherboard
Zambezi 6-core Am3+ cpu
16 gb g-skill ram
180 Gb SSD
1 TB 7200 rpm HDD
2 MSI GT 560's

Everytime i go to install Windows 7 i seem to be getting a different error. it will get to various stages of the install (ex, i can click on the language settings and the install button and then crash, or it will get to expanding files and crash, or it wont even get to the language settings page) The BIOS runs fine and recognizes my RAM and my CPU. this is my first build so any help on how i can install windows 7 would be much appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like a memory or SSD prob. Does your BIOS have a Mem test? Imagine it will have. Try that. If it passes without probs suspect the SSD, I would then try loading windows on to the HDD to see if that works...
  2. i got it to install finally on my SSD but its crashing when it boots up, so im having it run the windows memory diagnostics tool and it said that there were hardware problems detected. im hoping that its something as simple as re-seating the ram... lol
  3. Whats the error message/STOP code when you get a BSOD?
  4. It doesnt stay up long enough when i try to boot up windows. it just flashes blue screen and the restarts...
  5. If your RAM is suspect have you tried booting with one stick removed in turn? Also swap slots around in case there is a faulty controller
  6. mtnd3w89 said:
    It doesnt stay up long enough when i try to boot up windows. it just flashes blue screen and the restarts...

    There should be an option under teh system tab of the control panel that stops the automatic reboot on a BSOD...

    Also, its likely the system is configured to automatically created a minidump file on a BSOD; you can view a minidump by using a tool called Bluescreenview.
  7. But if you can't get as far as opening Control Panel...Have you tried booting into safe mode? Or F8 on boot should bring up a screen where you can choose to disable auto restart on BSOD...
  8. Then if you're still stuck, try this if you have a fully functioning PC to use
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