GPU requires 2x8 PIN PCIE, the power supply has a 2x6+2 but it doesnt seem to work (well the +2) PSU has 2 spare 8 - pins slots though is there such a thing as a 8 pin from the PSU that goes straight into another 8 pin GPU
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  1. The 6+2 PCIe power leads are the proper 8-pin connectors. What make and model of power supply (PSU) are you using? Same for the video card (GPU).
  2. Arctic pro 850W

    GPU- vapor x 7970

    but with the 6+2 plugged in my MOB beeps 4 times with the VGA led on, even though win7 loads in the background just no display, GPU powers up OK.
  3. do you know of then a 8 pin from PSU to a 6+2 GPU cable then?
  4. Just a quick search on the PSU and its quality is questionable. I theorize that it is not producing adequate power for the HD7970.

    Are you overclocking your CPU or memory? If so, revert back to stock and try the HD7970 again (I assume you have access to another video card). This will reduce the power load on the power supply.

    Last, make sure that both ends of the PCIe cables are firmly connected to the video card and the power supply. If not inserted fully, power won't be passed properly.
  5. PSU is just under 12 months old, and the box says it supports the "latest high-end GPU 6/8 PIN",
    -High end GPU's have decreased in consumption and are not as power hungry as they used to be so i believe the PSU is fine,

    -The MOB TPU is on and ASUS utilities has overclocked CPU slightly no dramatic overclocking though, I've tried ever combination for example just running off 2x6 pin but same 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps and no display...
  6. plus it wouldn't be drawing at max load 100% of the time, i would expect it to crash during game then i would know of possible power shortage..
  7. 8 Pin from the PSU should go into your motherboard for CPU power. Are you positive the card isn't DOA? Do you have another PC to try it in?
  8. Advertising claims and performance are 2 different things. There is a reason that PSU manufacturers like Seasonic and Corsair are so highly recommended, they build good stuff and live up to their performance claims.

    Your PSU might be okay, but the manufacturer's claims are dubious when you research what others say (who actually use them).

    What other video card (GPU) are you using vice the HD7970 to check the BIOS settings?
  9. even though it says PCI-E just below the 8 pin? well i know the card powers up fine lights,fans spin. just no display! and those annoying beeps. no other PC, mines the the only descent one in the house.
  10. i did use the spare 8 pin's for crossfiring a 6870 so i know they are for GPU
  11. Okay. You don't need a decent PC to test the card. You just need any PC to test whether the card is functional.
  12. There is a separate 8-pin connector that plugs into the motherboard to provide auxiliary power to it. This is a different connector type than used by the 6/6+2/8-pin PCIe connectors. Just pointing out for clarification.

    Testing the card, as Sunius points out, does not require a powerful system. Just one with a power supply sufficient to power the GPU.
  13. The other PC in the house is rubbish to damm small + Supply, card just under a foot long ill get on to amazon about possible swap
    But again i used these spare 8 pins for direct power to the GPU when i crossfired 6870, that was a 8 pin to 6 pin, i just need a 8 pin to 8 pin i guess.
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