Screen freezes for 6-7 secs, goes black, then resumes normal function!

I feel like I went thru this YEARS 8-10yrs ago.

Screen will freeze but I can still see my mouse moving. I can technically click on things but I wont see the results until the screen "refresh" is over. I'm thinking the keyboard works during this but havent tested it (ie type a sentence while it is frozen, it SHOULD appear when the screen flickers black and comes back on).

Like title says, it only lasts about 5-7 seconds. Then the screen will go black for a sec or two, but then come right back on as if nothing had happened. Kinda scary sometimes...but it does consistently resume functioning normally.

Its an AMD 4500HD series. Not at my PC at the moment so I cant offer much more specs.

Is this a driver or ATI settings/configuration issue? Windows 7 setting issue? I bought the card used...could it be faulty :(

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  1. It's likely the drivers crashing, but it could be that the card is dieing (which is causing the drivers to crash)

    I would try updating the drivers and trying a few different versions; check the temperatures on your card as well. Do you see any other graphical anomalies like strange colors or distortion?

    Does this happen when playing games, or on the desktop (or both)?
  2. same goes fr mee plzz help me while i play games and on desktop too it goes black comes again goes black ... some times it shakes thn goes black comes again...
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